Saturday, 11 October 2014

We pay attention to what is actually said

My work is getting very keen on Health and Safety.  I read a notice saying:

"If you see a fire extinguisher propping open a fire door, remove yourself".

I read this as telling me to remove myself from the building!  

It took me some considerable seconds to figure out that the intended meaning is "remove the fire extinguisher".

Apparently NTs would have understood the real meaning instantly - their first impression is the coherent meaning.  Whereas ours is what is actually said.

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

So, can you actually feel sadness then?

I recently got asked in an assessment situation if I was capable of feeling sadness?

I said that I felt extremely sad that the questioner was not sure if I was, emotionally-speaking, a human being or a toaster!  

PLEASE, if you don't know something as basic as that, couldn't you google it before attempting to assess me?
All autistic people HAVE emotions.  We just may not express them in the way that others may expect.  I wrote about 6 pages of feedback to the questioner, which was not at all what they expected!

Who is the trampoline for?

A visitor calls, to install my boiler:

"Who is the trampoline for then?" 

"That would be for me".

Entering HR

Entering HR, I find looks of deep concern and enquiries as to if I'm alright and could I wait for a minute. 

I say I'm fine and I've just come to say how much I'm enjoying my job. 

Look of incredulous relief and surprise. I then go on to tell HR to treat my new boss fairly, with justice and to give her help if she needs it. HR woman smiles and assures me she will carry out justice.