Wednesday, 19 March 2014

The interesting way to meet your neighbours

I was at my volunteering club, talking to a mother and her 7-year old child.

I recounted the story of me yelling across the street mid-bounce from my trampoline, by way of meeting my new neighbour S (see a few posts ago), and how the neighbour had said she'd already read my website so wasn't in the least bit surprised about the trampoline.

The 7-year old looks at me in horror. 

"Debi, that's not how you introduce yourself to a new neighbour!" 


"No!"  The child imitates knocking on a door, smiling and saying "hello", to teach me how it's done.

Great, I'm now learning normal social interaction from an NT 7-year old! 

"Oh, darling, you're very boring" says tactful Mum to child. "Debi's way was more interesting".

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