Friday, 31 January 2014

Already famous in my new neighberhood

Shortly after moving into my house, I'm bouncing on my trampoline after work, as you do, enjoying a nice summer's afternoon, and I notice a woman coming out of the house facing mine.  I remember the sellers of my house pointing out her house and telling me that someone nice lives there.  

I yell "Hello!" at the top of my voice and wave energetically, whilst still continuing to bounce.

My neighbour crosses the street and talks to me over the hedge and through the trampoline netting.  The conversation goes like this:

"Hello, I'm S."

"Hello, I'm Debi."

"Yes, I know, I've read your website, so I wasn't at all surprised when the trampoline arrived and I knew it wasn't because you had tons of kids!"

I was deeply amused!

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