Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Are you sure you're autistic?

This story is from a while ago, shortly after my diagnosis.

I was visiting some friends, sitting in their kitchen on a tall stool and swinging my legs whilst I explained my surprising discovery that I was on the spectrum.  I was pretty distressed and worried about it, and all the possible implications for my future that I was feverishly imagining. 

I was explaining about how we spectrum people usually like and understand direct, straight-forward communication, but may not understand indirect communication or get subtle hints. 

One of my friends then chimed in with: "Are you sure you're autistic?  Perhaps you are just German!"

My friends patiently listened to me continue to explain for a while more, before reassuring me that it didn't bother them if I was autistic because they already loved me for who I was.  I stopped worrying and went off to do something fun.

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