Saturday, 14 December 2013

An accidental combination

One day, at work, I glanced down at myself and discovered that I was wearing:

grey shoes;
cream socks;
bright blue tights;
a burgundy velvet long skirt from the charity shop;
a green top;
a blue scarf;
a purple cardigan;
a green necklace;
green glasses; and
hair, short and sticking up at all angles because I had washed it the night before and then slept on it (and I'd forgotten to use my hairbrush that morning).

A look created much more be inattention than by design!  I must look absolutely mad, and I'm sure none of it actually goes with any of the rest of it. But luckily I work at a university and could probably pass it off as art.

Dressing well is really very difficult.  I don't have a very good sense of what clothes go with other clothes, or what clothes would go well with my own shape and colouring.  A good technique I have recently discovered is to go into a shop and find a mannequin that I like the look of.  I then go and find everything that the mannequin is wearing and try it on.

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