Sunday, 15 December 2013

Experiments in small talk

I walk into an office one day where I haven't been for a while.  Two staff are there, and they greet me warmly.  One of them is changing a printer cartridge.  After chattering away in my usual style for a bit, the conversation falls quiet.  I remember that part of good conversation is asking how others are, rather than always talking about myself.  I try to make small talk. 

Me:  "So, how are things going around here?"

Staff 1:  "Well, if you shake the cartridge, you can sometimes get a little more ink out."

Me (being used to misunderstandings and not really thinking anything of it):  "Oh, I meant how are things going in general, not specifically with the printer cartridge."

Loud guffaw from the other room as Staff 2 struggles to control herself and not fall off her chair!

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