Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Making a lasting impression on an estate agent

Whilst in the process of selling my flat, I needed an estate agent.  I went to see quite a few, had wee chats with each of them, got quotes and then decided on the one I wanted.

I then went back to see my chosen estate agent.  Now, I'm not very good at recognising people or remembering people who I've only met once or twice, or even people who I've met a lot of times but very infrequently.  So, I don't really expect other people to be able to remember me from one brief meeting either.  However, sometimes I don't quite realise that I've accidentally been quite memorable.

When I walked back in, my estate agent remembered me instantly, and greeted me with:

"Ah yes, aren't you the girl who wants to sell your flat and buy a house so that you can get a cat and a trampoline?"

Even though I should probably be more aware by now, I keep forgetting that I sometimes stand out from the crowd!

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